Since 1985, Atlantic Drinking Water Systems’ commitment to you

has been the same from the beginning, ensure that we meet all of our customer’s plumbing and water treatment needs. Our customers can trust that time and time again, they will receive the highest quality of service at the best price. If it has to do with water, Atlantic can do it. Contact us today!

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Summary Of Services:

Atlantic Drinking Water Systems specializes in a wide variety of plumbing services to fit all your needs. We are proud to have a knowledgeable staff of friendly, highly qualified, licensed plumbers to assist you with any type of project no matter how large. We offer up-front pricing & free estimates. We also offer a wide variety of maintenance services to ensure you get the most out of your equipment. Our check-ups will help you save time and money with cost efficient preventive maintenance. We have listed below some of the plumbing services we provide. Call us today for more information.

  • Annual Pump Tune-Up

    We offer annual pump tune-up service your well pump is working to optional efficiency & increase its’ lifespan. This service includes a visual inspection of your well pump system for leaks/anomalies, check for proper air pressure in bladder tank, & pressure switch adjustments.

  • Pump & Bladder Tanks

    We offer installation, replacement, & repair of well pump & bladder tank. We install the top of the line Sta-Rite Well Pumps.

  • Water Leaks

    We repair all types of water leaks from basic faucet repairs to under slab repairs. If you have noticed an increase in your water bill, we can perform a leak detection test to find the leak and repair it.

  • Water Heaters

    We service all brands of electric and gas hot water heaters, including emergency repairs and checkups. We also install the leading brands of hot water heaters including high efficiency tank-less water heater systems.

  • Bathtubs & Showers

    We offer installation & repairs of bathtubs & showers.

  • Dishwasher

    We offer delivery & installation of dishwashers.

  • Garbage Disposals

    We offer the installation & replacement of garbage disposals.

  • Faucets, Sinks & Toilets

    We offer installation & repair of bath tub, shower, kitchen and bathroom faucets. As Well as Toilet Repair & replacement


Summary Of Services:

Atlantic Drinking Water Systems provides high-quality water softener & water purification equipment to handle any water quality problem. We have over 30 years of experience resolving water quality issues. We will come to your home and perform a free water quality test to check for sulfur, iron, hardness, & tannins. The results of these tests will help us create a water treatment system to best fit you water quality needs. We have water treatment system to eliminate sulfur, iron, hardness, tannins, nitrates, and bacteria. We off Pentair Water Professional Series water treatment products. These water treatments products are one of the most recognized & well know products in the United States. Atlantic Drinking Water Systems is listed as a Pentair Water Platinum Dealer. Contact us to get your free water quality test!

  • Salt Services

    We offer salt delivery for all types & brands of water softeners systems. We schedule your salt delivery to ensure your water softener system never runs out of water softener salt. We will set you up on a monthly, bi-monthly, or as required salt delivery service schedule to ensure you receive service based off your individual needs. Our salt delivery service covers all of the Outer Banks, Currituck Mainland, & Corova Area (4 Wheel Drive). Never lug another heavy bag of salt!

  • Salt, Chlorine, & Filter Service/Delivery

    We offer salt, chlorine, & filter service/delivery. We schedule your service/delivery based off of your specific water treatment needs. We not only offer salt, chlorine, & filter service/delivery but we inspect, clean, & perform water analysis at no cost to you during these visits. We will keep you up to date on any issues with your water treatment equipment. You will never question whether you water treatment system is really working for you.

  • Standard & R/O Filter Changes

    We offer drinking water system & reverse osmosis system filter delivery & service. We have on hand the most commonly used filters used in residential & commercial homes today. If you have a uncommon filtration system in your home, we can special order your filters at no additional cost to you. We will inspect & test you purification system to insure you are getting the cleanest filtered water from your R/O & drinking water system.

  • UV Light Water Sanitizers

    We offer UV Light Water Sanitizers to eliminate bacteria in your water. If you live on a well it is recommended that you have your water tested yearly for bacteria. Bacteria can come in many different forms, the most common bacteria forms are Coliform and E.Coli, and they can make you very sick. We can take a sample of your well water to determine whether you have bacteria in your well. If it is determined there is bacteria in your well, we initially will treat your well. However, if it is un-treatable we offer long term UV Light Water Sanitizers to eliminate the bacteria in your water. We use the top of the line UV Light Water Sanitizers which require minimal maintenance.

  • Hard Water Removal Systems

    We offer top of the line water softener (or water condition) to reduce scale/calcium buildup, found in hard. The spots you see on your silverware and faucets and buildup on your shower tiles are the results of scale/calcium buildup from hard water. The scale and calcium deposit in hard water build up over time affecting your hot water heater, dishwasher, & washing machine. This results in decreased efficiency of these appliances, as they work harder to achieve the same heating or cleaning normal levels. A water softener will increase the life span of your appliances and ensure they will work to optional efficiency.

  • Iron Removal Systems

    If you see red and orange stains in your bath tub, sinks, and toilets, don’t worry, because you are not alone. The stains you see are dissolved iron in you water which is a very common problem that people have experienced at one time or another. Fortunately we off water softener systems which remove the iron from the water and protect your home from unsightly iron and rust stains. Iron stains have you seeing red? Call us today & eliminate them forever!

  • Tannin Removal Systems

    Is your water the color yellow or look like a “TEA” color? What you are seeing could be tannins. What creates tannins is decomposing organic matter such as leaves & soil. Tannins are not harmful and does not always cause staining in the home. However, the discoloration of the water in your toilets, showers, & sinks can be unsightly. We offer water treatment systems to completely eliminate tannins so you never have to look at brown water again!

  • Sulfur Removal Systems

    Does your water smell like rotten eggs? This rotten egg smell or sulfur smell is caused by hydrogen sulfide gas, while harmless in water, this gas escapes when a faucet is opened. This rotten egg smell is unpleasant and it can literally stink up your whole house. We can treat the sulfur gas before it even enters your home. There are several types of treatment options to eliminate sulfur gas. If you are tired of smelly water, give us a call today!

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

    We offer a variety of reverse osmosis systems to eliminate the contaminants in you water. The most common reverse osmosis systems come in 4 to 5 stage R/O Water Filtration Systems. These water filtration systems can eliminate up to 99% of the contaminants in your drinking water. The reverse osmosis membrane helps to reduce microscopic contaminants such as arsenic, lean, and ammonia, for better tasting & quality drinking water. The reverse osmosis system can be installed under your sink for a discreet appearance & put in place a secondary designer faucet to give you hassle free convenient drinking water.


Summary Of Services:

Atlantic Drinking Water Systems provides a variety of specialty services. We offer well certification, septic certification, bacteria test, & water quality test for new & existing homeowners. We will work directly with the realtor, lender, attorney, &/or homeowner to ensure you receive the results quickly to meet loan closing deadlines.

  • Well Certification (Loan Closings)

    The majority of mortgage companies today require bacteria test to be performed when purchasing a home and when refinancing your existing home if you have private well water. Most of the mortgage companies only require a standard bacteria test. However, FHA/VA loans often require a bacteria test, nitrate, nitrite, & lead water test. We can perform any of these tests & submit the results directly to your attorney or lender. Don’t let a simple water test hold up your loan closing.

  • Septic Certification (Loan Closings)

    Some mortgage companies require an inspection of the existing septic system. We inspect the buildings sewer line and septic system to ensure there is no evidence of seepage, leakage, damage, or any other malfunction. This certification ensures to the new homeowner that the existing septic system is in good condition & working properly.

  • Coliform Bacteria Test

    We offer coliform bacteria test for loan closings & anyone who has private well water. We often here from our customers, “Is my water safe?” We cannot give you answer unless it has been sent to a lab for testing. We recommend our customers to have a sample of their water sent to be tested for bacteria and lead at least once a year. The test for coliform bacteria in drinking water is easy & not expensive. This simple test can give you the reassurance the water you are drinking & using is safe.

  • Water Quality Analysis

    Atlantic Drinking Water Systems offers free water quality analysis. We will come to your home and perform a free water quality test to check for sulfur, iron, hardness, and tannins. We take the results of these tests to help us create a water treatment system to best fit your water quality needs. Don’t just buy just any water treatment system; let Atlantic Drinking Water Systems test your water to make sure it is the right system for you.

  • Well Drilling Specialist (Referral)

    Atlantic Drinking Water Systems works directly with well drilling specialist to assist in providing you with quality water for your home & irrigation system. We will work directly with the well drilling specialist to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results. We can provide well drilling, water pump installation, and water treatment installation to ensure you have the highest quality private well water. We provide all of these services throughout Dare County and Currituck County.

  • Landscaping Specialist (Referral)

    Atlantic Drinking Water Systems works directly with landscaping specialist to work with you on any landscaping project. We work directly with landscaping specialist to help you tackle any landscaping project. If you are interested in using well water for your irrigation system, we have well drilling specialist on hand to eliminate a high water bill. Make your landscaping project a realty, call us today!


Atlantic Drinking Water Systems Team

In 1985, Joel M. Walker founded Atlantic Drinking Water Systems. The company began with a primary focus on water treatment & water purification. Over time the company has expanded its' expertise to include all levels of residental & commercial plumbing, water pumps, real estate closing inspections, & service/maintenance. Under the direction of Joel Walker, Atlantic Drinking Water Systems has continued to strive and gain a following throughout the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Today, Atlantic Drinking Water Systems continues to expand under the leadership of Joel Walker. Atlantic Drinking Water Systems vision is to ensure every job is completed with the highest of quality and workmanship. This vision is what has continued to push the company towards success & excellent reputation.

  • Joel M. Walker

    Joel M. Walker

    Founder & Owner: Joel M. Walker has obtained every license needed to provide professional service to fit your water treatment plumbing needs. In 1978, he acquired his NC Master Plumbing License #8485.
  • Carolyn M. Walker

    Carolyn M. Walker

    Field Service Specialist: has been apart of the company since its establishment in 1985. She has worked in the field alongside her father as well as in the office with her mother. She currently oversees service routes, customer service issues, sales, & field operations.
  • Karen W. Walker

    Karen W. Walker

    Office Manager: Karen W. Walker has worked for the company since its establishment in 1985. She currently oversees all internal operations of the company.

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